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"Why Toss Another Mind-Bug into the Sea of Servers?

“Welcome, dear wanderers, to my cosmic sanctuary—Saahamasmi. Here, it’s not just another website; it’s a universe, a realm born from the depths of my heart, served without filters and sometimes stirred with a touch of madness while sipping on the serene ‘ambrosia of brain on the rocks.’

Saahamasmi isn’t your run-of-the-mill site—it’s a universe within itself, where my words find solace, escaping the clutches of the heart to dance freely in the realm of expression. This is not just a website; it’s a haven, a place where enlightenment cozies up with personal revelations, and where the wild ride of self-discovery and wisdom unfolds like a thrilling saga.

Join me in this madcap adventure, a journey fueled by intense study in Shastra and Ayurveda, peppered with personal escapades. Here, I’ve unearthed the golden ticket to salvation: awareness. Saahamasmi isn’t just a collection of words; it’s a guiding light for fellow mads seeking enlightenment.

So, let’s kick back and savor the mind drink—serene and on the rocks, stirred by bone-chilling experiences. Join me in this autobiography of a mad visionary—where every word winks at the wild tales of a soul on a quest for enlightenment.

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